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Kevin Kim

Business / Education

Spreading a message of hope and redemption, combined with an emphasis on the fundamental power of each person to change his or her life, Kevin has personally successfully reached out to more than 100,000 youth and young adults since 1998, most particularly those who are considered to be “at-risk.” Embodying a philosophy that entails “Making A Difference, Making A Change,” Kevin has often spoken about the struggles he has faced in his life but more importantly, describes how youth and young adults may take their passions and turn them into constructive pursuits...

Iddris Sandu

Education / Motivational

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Coach Cornell Ward

Education / Motivational

Cornell Ward spent most of his youth involved with activities that led to the demise of his community. Thus, his athletic talents, ease for sports and coaching, has given him a vehicle to send over 7,000 youth to Division I, Division I AA, Division II, Division III, and NAIA schools around the country...

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The best method of communicating with students is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up. Research shows a decrease in qualities like resilience, problem solving skills, motivation and emotional intelligence in recent years, which makes it all the more challenging to break through.

Speak Life Agency wants to equip not only students, but also the educators with whom they interact, creating an environment that fosters connection. To set educators up for success, we provide motivational speakers for schools who encourage, inspire, and teach educators practical, research-based ways to communicate with students that spark real change.


Learn from the best in the business world. Here you will find speakers with innovative and powerful techniques to transform you and your business.


Here you will find iconic stars, incredible performers, and hilarious comedians sure to give your event the priceless wow factor.

Faith and Religion

Learn from incredible leaders and speakers from all walks of life as they share their stories and experiences of faith.


Gain wisdom from famous seasoned veterans, or get olympic encouragement from gold medalists. Here you will find the perfect speaker for your athletic events.

What People Say:

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to the participants of our youth mentoring program. You are helping to inspire and motivate the next generation. With your support, we are on our way to a more positive future.

- Sergeant Laura Sosa 

LASD Youth Mentoring Program

Your company is the most efficient and professional booking agency that I have worked with. Everything was so easy, and the attention to detail is fantastic.

- Firstname, Lastname

Working with Premiere Speakers was as easy as 1-2-3. The whole process felt seamless, organized and stress-free. I would work with them again in a heartbeat!

- Firstname, Lastname

Working with SLA over the years has been a great experience. Their staff support from start to finish ensures a successful event.

- Firstname, Lastname


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