Full Service ― at No Cost to You!

We provide our "turn-key" service to you at no charge because we are paid by the speakers. Why would speakers pay us rather than take your call directly? Speakers do it because it's good business ― we handle all the details. It is very difficult for a busy speaker to return your calls when traveling between speaking engagements. It is even harder for them to promptly mail demo tapes and press kits. They know if they are a good speaker, we will recommend them to our other valued clients.

We Specialize in Speed

One thing that we at Speak Life pride ourselves on is our speed and efficiency to handle all last-minute needs. Need a speaker for a last-minute event? No problem. Our online proposals, access to speaker calendars and efficient staff give us an edge to solve your needs as soon as they arise.

We Handle Emergencies

Because the speed and efficiency that we just mentioned, we are always ready to resolve emergencies. The thought of a speaker's plane being delayed, a traffic jam on the way to the convention center or, even worse, a speaker who cancels at the last minute, haunts meeting planners. Flights do get canceled (our speakers always have back-up flights), roads do get iced and a speaker could get sick. However, this is when we really shine. All of our resources, our knowledge and our contacts can be put together to find a replacement speaker ASAP.

We Do All the Dirty Work

At Speak Life Agency, we first listen to your needs and objectives. We then provide you a proposal with bios, photos, topics and fee information for the best candidates that meet those needs. You only have to look through one packet to find just the right speaker. And then once you make your choice, we will check availability, take care of pre-event details ― EVERYTHING! We will send you a Speak Life Flight Plan, which contains all of details that you need to ensure a stress-free event.

Online Access to Everything

We understand the you're busy, and we want to provide you the best information whenever and wherever you are. Our online tools such as our digital catalog and online proposals ― both of which are iPhone compatible ― allow you access to Speak Life in the manner that works best for you. We even offer web events for event planners looking for something less traditional. Of course, if you prefer to do business the old-fashion way, pick up the phone and give us a call!

Exclusive Access to World-Class Speakers

Speak Life can book an event with nearly any of our speakers. From politicians to education gurus to best-selling authors, Speak Life is your exclusive agency for world-class speakers of all kinds.

We focus on 4 fundamental areas for clients to call on our expertise.

1. Access to any and all guest speakers/entertainers

This empowers meeting planners and leaders to use strategy when selecting the right keynote speaker. Between our large database and worldwide contacts, we can secure virtually any speaker for an event.

2. A Speakers Bureau for all clients

We have designed our team around our client's needs. Our experience comes from 35 years of providing talent for the best clients in the world. We have worked with associations and corporate groups (large and small), educational institutions, nonprofits, and government organizations.

3. Listening to our clients

Our clients know better than anyone the message their members need. When clients share, it's our opportunity to make their vision a reality based on theme, audience, and budget.

4. A streamline process

We make booking a speaker easy by guiding both first-time and returning clients. We keep it simple and straight foward to remove any worries with negotiations, contracts, and logistics.